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Whether you are buying tires from us directly or bringing a replacement set with you for installation, the technicians at Speedway Garage will make sure that your tires are mounted and balanced correctly. 

Tire Installation Service (Includes Mounting And Balancing)

  • Aspect Ratio of 60 and higher$20/wheel
  • Aspect Ratio of 50-55$25/wheel
  • Aspect Ratio of 45 and lower$35/wheel

The following is recommended if you plan to buy tires directly from us online:  

  • Confirm that the tires you are interested in are compatible with the make & model of your vehicle
  • If you are buying less than 4 tires, please make sure they match the rest of the tires on your vehicle.  It is usually highly recommended to purchase all 4 tires at the same time but we understand that sometimes there are circumstances.
  • If your unsure about the tires, we are always happy to help.  Give us a call at (703) 665-2785.

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