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Thanks to today’s technology, today’s vehicles are smarter and more sophisticated.  This also means that such vehicles are more difficult to diagnose, and require specific training and diagnostic tools. If your check engine light comes on, drive into Speedway for a free di agnostic check.


Engine Repair Diagnosis

Speedway Garage provides repair and replacement of the following engine related parts:

Head Gaskets Valve Cover Gaskets Timing Chains Valve Replacements Seals & Gaskets
Heater Cores Radiators Water Pumps Coolant Flush Cooling System
Thermostats Coolant Temp Sensors Radiator Fans & Clutches Engine Replacement Spark Plugs

Engine Replacements

At Speedway Garage, we are happy to assist with any of your engine needs. We fix, rebuild and replace vehicle engines.

Engine replacement can be a viable alternative to buying a new vehicle and can save thousands of dollars. In addition, an engine replacement offers savings in taxes, license fees, and insurance expenses that would otherwise be incurred in buying a new vehicle. Also, rather than the four- to seven-year depreciation cycle of a new vehicle, engine replacements can be depreciated in the same year.

When considering engine replacement, factor in the intended lifecycle of the vehicle. If the vehicle is good to service for another three to five years and is in good overall condition, it is a good candidate for engine replacement. In some cases, remanufactured engines offer increased performance over new factory engines of the same model and size. Some engine production companies can make modifications which can improve the overall performance and durability of engines.

Rebuilt or Remanufactured, What’s the Difference?

The term “rebuilt engine” refers to any engine that is removed from the original vehicle, repaired, and replaced. Unfortunately, there are no specific standards for what type of repairs are done to a re-built engine. While some auto shops do only necessary repairs repacing certain parts, Speedway Garage will replace all parts, such as pistons and valves.

The term “remanufactured engine” refers to a used engine, which has been completely redone to a “new” condition, including the replacement of all manufactured parts.

Speedway garage’s offers quality guaranteed work for your engine’s needs. We are here to answer any questions and when you are ready to take your engine to the next level, give us a call to set an appointment. (703) 265-2785

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